“If You Don’t Understand It’s Ok” Sanni Has Something Special With This Project

This article was long overdue. Sanni brings such high energy to every song. Keeping each song different having his fans stuck on their toes. This Texas artist comes with an album with 0 skips. Each song is a highlight track, listening through this album was pure enjoyment. Having just one feature on the entire 8 piece project, he starts with an audio recording for his intro. Having someone on his team or maybe even a friend, talk to him how he is the Kate Perry but without the roar. He wanted Sanni to send him that roar, those few tracks that just shout masterpieces. Well, Sanni delivered 8 roars.

Let’s dive into this masterpiece. I think an album like this should be broken down, because from track one to track eight. It has so much talent while keeping a very upbeat, summer vibe. He shows the versatility he has within each track. This project set him apart from underground artists and showed people his sound is at the highest quality ready to be heard. Now it is just a matter of time when the world is going to hear this talented artists, that’s the amazing part of what I do. As amazing as some of these top 100 songs are, you can find way more talented and thoughtful music in the “underground”.

Let’s move onto some of the standout tracks that stuck out. First, we got track #2 Moonlight, leading off the album after his intro. He delivers a soft bouncy high BPM song. With the slight noise of birds chirping in the back, soft string instruments shuffling with the wind in the back. Soft background vocals as he leads into his verses as the 808 and kicks to complete the vibey single. A song I wanna drive down an open road with the windows down, and sing along as he spits:

“Moonlit, I’m in the moonlight, yeah
I make moves in the moonlight, yeah”

Next, we have my favorite track out of the album, the song with the only feature “Watch It”. Having Ameer Vann jump on the track with Sanni. Having such power delivered behind this song from both artists. As it doesn’t waste any time with the intro, diving right into the first hook. Sanni comes in with the catchy lines:

Moonlit, I’m in the moonlight, yeah
I make moves in the moonlight, yeah
You don’t see me, I don’t leave
No traces ’cause I move light, yeah
I make the check then I bounce, yeah
I need the bag by the pounds, yeah
Right now, yeah

It’s hard not to bop this heavy-hitting 808, stretching down the lane of dark R&B similar to artists like Eli Sostre, but also staying close to mainstream Hip-Hop. Blending the two perfectly having more of a soft and floating-based album, he hits you with this bop of a song halfway through.

Sanni has leveled up with this recent album, you will start to see this artist grow with a few of these tracks. Make sure you remember the name, I can’t wait to follow the journey of Sanni and see what he does through his career.

Listen To “If You Don’t Understand It’s Ok” Below

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