Lucki Keeps It Coming With a New Double Dose: Almost Woke (Single)

Chicago’s own Lucki is not one to ever disappoint and continues to flood our atmosphere with his acclaimed naturally laid back journal entry-style raps. This month, the 24-year-old rapper keeps the heat coming, releasing Almost Woke.

Lucki – Almost Woke (Single)

Almost Woke contains 2 songs, but the project is set up, packaged, and presented like a single itself. Either way, we’re given 4 minutes of Lucki’s current mind space. The first track, “LifestyleBrazy” has a hardly muffled 808, soft hi-hats and a choppy snare drum that slices through a piano loop all courtesy of notable producer Brent Rambo. The music video, directed by frequent visual and graphic design collaborator Lonewolf, was released shortly after the single. The second track, titled “No Joke” is the more uptempo of the two and also the shortest in length, clocking at just under 2 minutes. Upon my initial heeds to Almost Woke, this was my favorite one…then I saw the visuals for “LifestyleBrazy” and my mind was changed. I just loved how Lucki attacked the beat from jump on “No Joke”. This instrumental was produced collaboratively by Plu20 Nash and ADIO, together offering outer space-like synths over resounding 808’s and layered snaps.

LUCKI has been incessantly delivering loosies in the package of singles like this latest drop since his last full-length LP Almost There in May of 2020. Later in the year he gave us the 3-song The World Is Lucki’s, along with visuals for the first two lays: “Chosen One” and “Widebody”.

LUCKI (@deadboylife)

The Luckster (lately aka Tune) is a veteran in the rap game as this point, but still has strong aspirations to push his music and influence to legendary levels. His name is mentioned alongside other impactful artists his hometown of Chicago like G Herbo, Chief Keef, and Chief Keef. His name has also been mentioned alongside the most impactful conscious artists such as J. Cole and Chance The Rapper. Lucki operates in a lane of his own and his sound reflects just that. He’s adored for steadily evolving while maintaining his blunt nature throughout truthful storytelling that often features endless amounts of quotable lines. This is why I believe so many have gravitated towers his music over the course of his career so far. He’s been described as ethereal and in my opinion, he never fails to out-do himself in the booth. Check out some lyrics that stood out to me and listen to Almost Woke below, as well as the music video for “LifestyleBrazy”.

I don’t really think they hear you, you gotta put yo soul in it / You broke because you think too hard sometimes just go with it – “LifestyleBrazy”

Keep going over the limit I been buying pints from Zelle / Capped out for his image, label put him on a shelf / Lifestyle Brazy, lifestyle pay me / Ain’t got shit to show, say he humble like he Jay-Z / Immature with cash and I play it how they play me – “LifestyleBrazy”

Why my brother need his 50? Thought God put me here to make music / Let me get the horsepower, I’ll use it / Why would I not stomp this kitty? – “No Joke”

LUCKI – LifestyleBrazy / Dir. Lonewolf

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