poptropicaslutz! Throw A Twist With grandma got run over by a lawnmower

We back with another poptropicaslutz! article, as they continue to improve and experiment with new genres while keeping the very particular sound this duo has. With Nick and Christian, they keep showing that they have a primarily pop-punk sound. As they are mixing into the new genre of Hyper-Pop. They have been gaining a large amount of traction with their new single grandma got run over by a lawnmower, as it has only been out for just over a day. They already hit 1500 plays on Soundcloud, and if you are following their Instagram, you would have seen that in just 24 hours they had 10k plays on Spotify as well.

When I first listened to this song on the drop, they had me with the intro. With the smooth transitions of the vocals being in the distances as they slowly transition into their Chorus, keeping this track at 1:40, having their fans throw this on repeat for hours. As mentioned in a previous article before, I’ll say it again. This Long Island duo dances from genre-genre keeping their looks of a pop-punk artist and having the talent to do it all. They will be around for a long time and you will start hearing a lot more about poptropicaslutz!

After the recent success of their first ep noOffence.mp3, they received 50,000 plays on Spotify alone. They now have this new single shocking the world, what is next for this talented duo, maybe an album? let’s wait and found out!

Listen To grandma got run over by a lawnmower Below!

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