Chicagoan Underground Legend Lucki Releases ‘The World is Lucki’s’ EP

Since his debut mixtape Alternative Trap (2013), Lucki (@deadboylife) has grown to carve a lane of his own in the rap game, consistently delivering flawless content on his rise to fame. Earlier this year in May, he gave us the 12-track Almost There mixtape, featuring fan favorites “Pure Love – Hate”, “Prada Tune” and “Faith”. Visuals for the latter two tracks were released as well, both shot and edited by film director/designer Lonewolf (@whylonewolf).

Lucki (@deadboylife)

On Thursday night fans were gifted with three new songs from the rising Chicagoan icon on The World is Lucki’s EP. Lucki lyrically stretches himself over beats tailored to his style and delivery, displaying his growth and evolution while experimenting his own unique way. The first song “The Chosen One” will most likely standout on behalf of the marriage of Lucki’s poetry-esque introspective rhymes and quotable bars, combined with the slowed beat (65-75 bpm) consisting of an addicting guitar synth over a banging bass track. Lucki speaks on the change [for the better] he’s longing to make within himself, while finding out the reasons why some of his closes friends end up changing for the worse. He also speaks on how he’s witnessed some major labels shift their views on the so-called “Soundcloud rappers” because of the overwhelming and expansive impact he’s had along with artists like Trippie Redd, Playboi Carti, Chance The Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, and the late Juice Wrld. It’s obvious their successes collectively have helped to change the narrative behind it with more and more artists looking to become independent, or to maintain their independence in order to preserve creative control. Lucki is the chosen one because he’s part of an example of how when you stay true to yourself and your own way of creating, the growth is always genuine and your work will never go unnoticed.

The second and final tracks “Widebody” and “Red Key” are examples of the quintessential Lucki that we as fans have come to fall in love with. The artist dives into his experiences with women and their interactions within certain muscle cars brought around them. He also speaks on the adversity faced in living his lifestyle as an artist. In the verse, he mentions, “Supposed to shoot a video today, but I need sleep cause my life’s been a movie.” Even the transition from the slow-paced first track to the fast paced second and third is a testament to Lucki’s experimental taste and fearlessness when it comes to providing more than one type of sound. Lucki‘s projects, no matter how many songs, are never about the first listen though. They are about the third, fourth, and fifth listening session, when the words have already stuck but then start to really sink in. To put it plainly and simple: The World is Lucki’s is six minutes worth of playback value. Lucki truly does not miss or disappoint!

Lucki – The World is Lucki’s EP / Cover Art by Lonewolf (@whylonewolf)

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