$NOT Cruising Through 2021 After Teaming Up For “Whipski” Music Video

This 23-year-old rapper from New York, New York has been on a rampage ever since his main attraction some songs like GOSHA– TRAGEDY +, and Beautiful Havoc. After having such large traction from these songs he has recently been a Lyrical Lemonade favorite. Having his song Revenge having a strong message for bullying. He hasn’t slowed down, teaming up with another favorite of Lyrical Lemonade Lil Skies and the very talented group we have been hearing a lot about these last 2 years, Internet Money.

As we all know the artist $NOT for the one always being wearing his hood up and tide up so you can’t see his face. Another more mystery artist as we see more and more of in this generation of music. Having a crazy end to 2020 making a platform and leaving the underground, $NOT starts the year off strong, makes you wonder what is next for $NOT in the year 2021. Stay tuned!

Watch “Whipski” Music Video Below!

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