New Rising Artist Emma G Drops First Single “Like You”

If you haven’t come across the Nashville-based artist Emma G or heard of Emma, it’s understandable as she has been floating around the music scene doing features here and there. Maybe you have seen her working with Cxdy the very popular producer from the Internet Money family. Emma has recently dropped her FIRST single with “Like You”. This is the start of her journey and the sky is the limit with this artist. Currently being managed by Jared Weatherby. From her first single and if you follow her on Tik Tok, you will notice quickly that each song she works on, it will be very noticeable that the vocals she brings to the table are her secret power.

Talking with this artist, she isn’t slowing down after this single. This was just an appetizer for what she has next for her fans and the industry. This is a name you will see on the charts soon enough. With the Ariana Grande vocals and the talent behind each well selected beat. The journey is going to keep growing as the release. Just be ready for what Emma has next for the world because it’s a special time you won’t want to miss out on!

Listen to “Like You” Below

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