Garr Drops New Music Video For Single “Bittersweet”

You might have seen the name Garr around starting to gain attraction on Spotify and bigger music platforms. He recently had a song drop on February 25th, having the music video drop on the JOTA channel that is ran by Patrick C.C. Being a younger artist, age of 19. Garr has a high ceiling to grow as with each song he produces himself and just like how it is becoming a lot more popular these days. Another growing start brought up in a bedroom studio. As he has peaceful melodies alongside emotional lyrics as Garr continues to discuss the feeling of wanting to be with someone as much as you know they are the wrong person, and it is best to just stay away.

Teaming up with Keagan for managing Garr is set to hit new goals and grow a family around the career he has the potential to achieve one day. Knowing the inspiration from The Weekend and having the strength of producing/mixing his singles allow him to grow faster as a musician and experiment more with his craft.

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