Natalie Carr Drops First Single Of 2021 “Fate”

This North Carolina comes back with her new single and it being the first single of the new year, she sets the stone with the soft gentle lyrics over a soothing melody, as her RnB drums bring you to a vision of you driving late at night through a tunnel as the song hits this vibe perfectly. Natalie always has such a beautiful writing aspect to each one of her songs as you can tell with each song how she is feeling in each song. Pouring all she has to each single. Never giving up on someone, because you see the bigger side of them until you realize the time that has passed. Always keeping in your mind as Natalie says “fate hasn’t killed me yet, I’ll still hold my breath for you.

Natalie having a later start to the year starts with a strong start. If you are someone who supports Natalie and follows the journey of her career. You will know she is working hard and I’m sure Natalie Carr fans are set for a very good year of music.

Listen to “Fate” below!

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