Phem Extends “how u stop hating urself” With Two New Singles!

The last time we discussed Phem was when “how u stop hating urself” first dropped and back in the previous article. It was mentioned that in tweets she has favorite artists like brakence and I think with the 2 new songs off her deluxe of how u stop hating urself she shows off in her song American beauty with the selection of her 808’s give off a brakence vibe within a pop-punk vibe song. With the other song she added “congratulations” she also shows off that out of all artists that are on the climb right now she would bring back the classics of teenage dirtbag by Wheatus. This has to be one of my favorite subgenres that are emerging in the music world. With hip hop artists becoming rockstars like Trippe Redd, it opens the door for so many alternative artists including phem to unlock new opportunities with so many different artists.

Besides the obvious success phem has achieved with this album, with iann dior and MASN features. She also has shown how much passion she has outside of music, as mentioned in her first article she shows a true dedication to mental health awareness across the artist community and within her fans. Once she grows to become more of an established and billboard artist I believe she will do some amazing things for this community. 

Listen to “how u stop hating urself (pt 1.5)” below!

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