The Elko Interview

Elko is an artist that has been on my radar for quite some time. With records like “Drunk And Out Of Town” and “Nothing to Work Out” Elko has separated himself from artists in a crowded space.

Eric: Name, what you do, where your from?

Elko: “My names Elko I produce, write and record music and I live in Toronto Ontario.”

Eric: Describe a typical recording session?

Elko: “Typically when I record a song I’ll be feeling particularly cathartic and so a lot of my inner deep thoughts and emotions come up in my writing/production.”

Eric: What is your personal/musical inspiration?

Elko: “Kanye and Frank Ocean inspired my taste in hip hop and alternative experimental music then i joined a band in high school and started listening to a lot of rock music too.”

Eric: What is your favorite song you’ve made?

Elko: “Right now my favorite thats out that i’ve made is “everytime”, that song felt really good to get off my chest and i’ve always loved.”

Eric: Favorite lyrics and explain the meaning behind them?

Elko: “My fav lyrics come from “everytime” when the second verse comes around and about halfway through I say “I cant listen to 1975 without tears welling up in my eyes, all I hear is your voice singing back to me from my passenger seat” Just felt like I had captured the ending of my last relationship in the right amount of words.”

Eric: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten or your advice to the readers?

Elko: “Advice is broad for me and i take a lot of it in when i can but i think the best advice i got was to just not be so caught up in shit not going the way you want it too and that if something goes wrong to just deal with it and most importantly learn from it”.

Eric: Any performances?

Elko: “When covids over i’m supposed to open for some people but i’m not certain about anything solo.”

Eric: How would you spend $1 mil in 24hrs?

Elko: “i’d pay my credit card, get a better place, pay my parents for lending me so much money, donate to charities.”

Eric: Favorite artist you’ve worked with?

Elko: “Recently Jay Kim”

Eric: What artists you’d want to work with?

Elko: “ericdoa”

Eric: Thoughts on current climate for female artists in the underground

Elko: “I think it’s getting better and i’m glad for that, a lot of small artists i like to listen to are female and i really enjoy them.”

Eric: What is the first crime you would commit on purge night?

Elko: “Steal a bunch of video games and tvs.”

Eric: Any ventures outside of music (merch, art, etc)?

Elko: “I like to primarily focus on my music but i’ve also been doing lots of twitch streams lately and that’s been really fun.”

Eric: Any future moves/songs this year?

Elko: “Oh yeah i have a lot of new music to come soon! i’m rlly proud of this next wave of music.”

I was super excited interview Elko. He is a very talented artist and has been developing his brand via TikTok, creating videos of him playing his acoustic guitar. Elko is going to have a big year, he has a lot of motivation and has his mind set on music. He has a video with the creative group Soul Serum. Elko is going to catch a big break after these visuald drop, I can feel it. Super excited too watch his growth in 2021.

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Listen to Elko’s recent record below.

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