Who is bizzar? Let’s Dig Deep With His New Single Next Year

This self-produced artist comes out with his new SoundCloud “Next Year” first starting to produce 10 years ago, only bringing his vocals to life 6 months ago, and then he started to develop as an artist, being new to the scene he brings another low monotoned sad-emo vibe, the quality of his music shouldn’t come to surprise as he was a touring electronic DJ, as he was supported by SkrillexDiplo and BBC radio just for some example. As he has recently moved to Philadelphia jumping through getting in trouble and having life put him through a rollercoaster with family and friends going through cancer and overdoses. He speaks straight from the truth in his music.

He has always looked up to artists that have always been unique, always putting themselves in uncomfortable spots and having music out that has such a new unique sound having no idea if they will like it or not, such as Pink FloydWutang Clan, or even Lil Uzi Vert. trying to bend music in a way you break a new sound.

Having his music touching all platforms soon, with all of his music on SoundCloud right now, make sure to keep an eye out for his new music as you will be with his journey of discovering the next sound.

Listen to Next Year below!

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