Slatt Zy with another music video “Don’t You Fold”

First artist from Chattanooga, Tennessee to chart on apple 200 with his new/first mixtape East Lake Projects back in November 2020 having some of the top tracks being 3k’s and How It Go having the album hitting millions of plays, getting his name recognized even more after his originally exposure from his singles like Angels Cry and War Stories. We now have a new single Don’t You Fold.

With this single behind the catchy soft piano melodies, Slatt brings you through what it is like in his eyes and having brothers behind bars. As he always keeps in songs in a good time length keeping his fans wanting more. As he is amongst my top 5 artists, I am always excited to see what he has, and if you didn’t hear “if drew didn’t make then it ain’t filmed right” at the beginning of the video is it really a Slatt Zy music video? He has had the same director through his music journey and DrewFilmedIt always does an incredible job.

Watch “Don’t You Fold” Below

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