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Cobejordan Drops His Debut Album “Growing Pains”

As the title implies Cobejoran has just dropped his debut album “Growing pains“, a nine track album that focuses on 2 major sounds. The sounds are chill and hype which if you ask me are the two best sounds to have on an album making it almost universally appreciated. Cobejordan does what he’s known for and kills the beats on each track really setting the atmosphere but not stealing away from his smooth autotune vocals and killer hooks. The album can be broken down into two parts, one being chill and atmospheric with songs such as “03/11/20”, “Teardrop”, “Downbad” and “Growing Pains”. The other part being music to hype you up to and fist pump like i’m doing right now, track like “Halo7”, “Spotlight”, and “Dialtonez”. Overall i’d recommend listening to the entire album not matter the mood and I look forward to seeing where Cobejordan goes seeing how talented he is off of his first album.

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