Dominic Fike revisits Paul McCartney’s “Kiss of Venus”

Singer/songwriter Dominic Fike has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, you can say most artists would kill for a moment this grand. Last week Fike released a single titled Kiss of Venus featuring the one and only Paul McCartney. For those unaware this song was previously released by McCartney himself off of his recent solo album McCartney III back in December 2020 which ironically marks his 20th solo album. 

Begert’s creativity spills on this New York Times inspired video

The song was released alongside a video directed by Jack Begert who has also done work with artists like: Kendrick Lamar, Future, Amine, SiR just to name a few. Fike was given free-range when he dropped this record. On his Instagram post he took the direction to make it a cover, but Fike understood that his track would not amount to what McCartney created so Fike built his own rendition. 

Watching the video you are introduced to Fike sitting in the middle of what looks to be a New York street dressed in a suit. As the camera pans we begin to see his face and his mouth utters McCartney’s hook off the original Kiss of Venus. Fike pays homage to McCartney’s lyrics (“Then I asked her, have you read the paper?”) while inside of the New York Times printing press room.  McCartney looks to release his second go at the album McCartney III Reimagined on April 16th. Artists like Fike, Anderson Paak. and Blood Orange will grace the album with their musical talent. 

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