Is Hyper Pop the Future of Music

Over the past 2 years a new genre has been dominating the underground scene and breaking its way into the mainstream. This genre is hyper pop, a mix of different genres including, rap, edm, and pop. My first track in this genre was money machine by 100 Gecs and I was utterly confused as if it was music in general, it was like nothing i’ve ever heard and just sounding like noise put together that clearly didn’t make sense. Now, it is the genre that dominates my playlist and liked music as well as what my favorite non hyer pop artists are dabbling in.

Over the past year we can see 100 Gecs breaking into the mainstream with features from Rico Nasty and Charli XCX and an entire scene being creative with people such as P4rkr, Glaive, Eric DOA, Sebii, and blackwinterwells essentially dominating at the forefront of it. With extreme freedom and creativity so many artists are breaking out of what people want to hear from them and now making what they want to make leading to a truly experimental sound. From what i’ve heard a lot of hyper pop takes parts of other genres and turns it up to the extreme. Things like auto tune and 808s are turned up to the max creating a familiarity in a song while sounding completely new.

Back to the title, do i really believe that hyper pop is the future of music? It’s hard to tell what trends will happen in music but we can see the insane growth that some of these artists have been seeing. Hundreds of thousands of streams and views without a label backing and flourishing during a time where live shows can’t be played shows a sort of natural progression that has been rare to see in recent. Just from looking at analytics is easy to see the potential for Hyper pop to be a mainstream genre and it wouldn’t surprise me if in a couple years we see it. being played on major radio stations. from A. G. Cooks humble beginning to Radio Plays would be a beautiful thing to see.

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