whiterosemoxie Blurs the Lines between Underground and Mainstream Sound

Moxie… what on Earth is it? Imagine if you combined the words energy, courage and ability – you would certainly just begin to scratch the surface of Detroit’s own “whiterosemoxie” and his impeccable delivery of zeal through the speakers. The first moment my ears came into contact with his EP, “NOTHING is IDEAL,” I have been swimming through his entire catalog! It is very difficult to put into words what kind of simultaneous zen-like woe and bliss you experience as you listen. His peppy delivery can only be paralleled to the late XXXTENTACION. Crafty lyricism is accompanied with a gang of raw vocals like that of Trippie Redd or with more exotic vocals similar to Tory Lanez. Each song on that EP is perfectly calculated. The project’s art is a slab of white graph paper that appears to be stamped with four miniature blue bouquets. An EP of this caliber makes this young artist impossible to ignore, a true “must listen.”

What is next for ‘moxie?’ Well… it appears he is not done with the graph paper art he employed for the ideal EP. Just this week he graced us with a SoundCloud offering titled “ITACHI,” ironically named after the Naruto character Itachi Uchiha. The song itself boasts his vocal range and rhyming skills, while utilizing a variation of the graph art. There are now three additional blue stamps added to the graph that tries to contain his untamable sound. “The Westside Legend” – whiterosemoxie makes versatile music with his talents and remains mysterious just like his art. Ultimately, when an artist receives Instagram likes from Patrick Cc: and works alongside 300 Entertainment, we shouldn’t expect anything less than pure flames.

The horizon seems so bright it could blind for this rising star in the industry! Don’t be late on the ‘moxie’ train! Check out ITACHI below! #staytuned.



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