After a break from Coop, he comes back with this music video directed by Dom Bruno on ripe-tanjerines YouTube channel, with this quick two-minute song he keeps this replay value at a perfect level, coming straight in with energy and not letting it go throughout the song. Having the music kept plain and simple. Giving his fans what they have been waiting for and stunned his audience to open up his 2021. Having the music video with his girlfriend, cutting back and forth between scenes, as he puts the emotion into the song as he performs through this music video. With the heavy-hitting vocals tagged along with the meaningful lyrics having a catchy hook “Pull up to my live I’m calling. Don’t cry she ballin’. Inside I want it. I’m calling” having the audience throwing this on repeat.

Starting hot, this Boston-based artist comes out with this bang and I believe a lot are thinking very similar as what is next for Coop! An album? More singles? Maybe just a short Ep, either way, Coop counties to deliver and doesn’t fail.

Watch the music video “80’s” below.

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