CHXPO becomes an Arcade Game in “Eternal Bandz” Music Video

If you have eyes and ears, you must know that recently Daft Punk has announced their split after 28 years. The duo had been the musical masterminds behind the soundtrack to the 2010 blockbuster TRON: Legacy. With that concept in mind, Cleveland-born trap and cloud rapper “CHXPO” uses the visual talents of Bobby Astro and executive production of FLYJXY to warp us into a virtual gaming adventure. The opening setting is an ominous glowing warehouse, a lone arcade machine with dusty plastic covering is against a cement wall, a steel ladder and fan on either side. After CHXPO inserts a quarter, we are transported into a glossy bright environment with a lone mirror-like arrowed square in the center. When he steps on the platform, now with an afro, then the games begin.

The beat sounds like it was picked up from an alien spaceship – similar to something Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti might rap upon. As CHXPO casually delivers his deep thuggish bars they spread evenly like honey on a crispy piece of toast from another galaxy. You truly get stuck on his flow and the visuals as DDR-inspired arrows lead to neon and pastel colors flashing in excitement across your screen. The video employs a plethora of disco costumed dancers and members of his crew. In a scene wearing a pimp suit he picks up a green phone, symbolizing how anything he does with Band Boy ENT/RBMG leads to constant cashflows. His wifey “slaylonie” makes an appearance alongside him showing the creators of Space Jam 2 what Lola Bunny should really look like.

Ultimately, this virtual arcade music video makes for a visually entertaining experience that makes you want to throw “Eternal Bandz” on one of your personal playlists. The ending of the video leaves us guessing… With all the perfect scores, will CHXPO be released from the game? You decide – watch below. #staytuned.



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