Oliver Francis Drops Movie Like Music Video “TOXIC PARADISE”

This artist out of Missouri. Oliver Francis has been someone who I believe is always getting missed out. He has so many songs throughout his discography that I still go back and listen to even if they are 3 years old. He’s an artist if someone is looking for new music, he is the first person I recommended, because, in my opinion, I feel like he is an artist all hip-hop fans should at least know of.

With this music video he hits you with a short film, having this co-directed with Oliver himself and Orie McGinness, they start you off having the basic writing of quickly explaining about this pill “Violence” from VIOLENCE LABORATORIES.

“The resistance led by a former employee of Violence Labs, codenamed ‘The Wolf’, are searching for evidence that links Violence Labs to the illegal distribution of VENOM. They suspect Violence Labs is linked to the government and works with organized crime factions to distribute the drug as a form of ‘population suppression’.”

This being one of the paragraphs at the beginning of the music video, and to quickly fill you in the Violence Lab seems to be the creation of this pill that they chemical compounded to be highly addictive and taking over Oliver, as he tries to figure out who is all behind this he hits a breaking point and destroys his operation and all the resources that helped him track down “VIOLENCE LABORATORIES”, but makes you think this “pill” that is so additive seems like something we all may be familiar with.

Oliver’s production in each song he has always been on a high-quality level and it doesn’t surprise me with the quality of the music video and the mix of this single. But this new project Oliver Francis is building towards is going to be on a whole new level creation-wise. Never keeping his fans bored he always finds new pockets within his sound. With his latest two “VIOLENCE and this one “TOXIC PARADISE” he has stepped up his producing, showing off the range of vocals he has and making sure he gets the attention he deserves because, at this rate, I have no idea what to expect for his next album. All I can say is it is an album I am excited to hear.

Watch The Music Video For “TOXIC PARADISE” Below

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