Dava Opens The Vault with “New Ceilings”

LA based artist Dava has reached “New Ceilings” with her latest single. From the satin bomber to the ambient/energetic lyrics, Dava pulls you into her world as she takes you through her own journey as an artist. When watching the music video you noticed the DIY influence it has. My favorite part about the video is how it is very in your face, fish-eye lens, Beastie Boys vibe that is gives. We see a bit of Dava’s quirky side and raw emotion to the sonic sounds of strings plucking in the back.

The Anti-pop/Alternative R&B song, produced by Mike Adubato, unveils the truths of what it is like to step in the shoes of an artist. Living in Los Angeles the competition is heavy and it can get overwhelming trying to make a name for yourself in such a big city, Dava confidently spills out the optimism for a greater purpose behind the sacrifices she has made to reach this level of her career. In a video she posted about the inspiration of the track, Dava pointed out that she chose not to pay her phone bill and instead went to the studio to create music which resulted in her. She understands her current place in the universe as she continues to work from small to big artist. Dava’s work ethic is something that should be used throughout every aspect of life, striving to be better than you were yesterday keeps positive energy and a will to win. 

Stream Dava’s single here

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