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“Aloneridge” by Rezcoast Grizz is Undoubtedly a Song of the Year Candidate

Have you ever wanted to tell a loved one good news but couldn’t reach them? Whether it be a relationship that deteriorated, an accident shortened their life or old age took them away, we all have someone that seems to only live in our memories. Aloneridge represents that inability to hear them answer the phone. William Driftwood Jr., known professionally as “Rezcoast Grizz” metaphorically takes us there with his emotionally riveting hit “Aloneridge.” Born in Lodge Grass, MT and of the Apsaalooké (Crow Nation), he is a genre redefining talent that deserves to become a household name in 2021. His bona fide voice is unparalleled in the industry but draws comparisons from both Juice WRLD and Post Malone fans worldwide.

The music video for Aloneridge was filmed by Shot By Truly; the song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Folded Arms Studios. This was a match made in heaven as the visuals unravel the tear inspiring and heart aching story being sung about. Red roses, heart ornaments and Valentine’s Day balloons symbolize how a love can be temporarily enjoyed. In a Rubik’s Cube rotating fashion, monotone-colored rooms with intricate props display how mixed feelings can cause lovers to be on different pages or sides of an issue. Butterflies are seen escaping picture frames and a brunette-haired woman fades between the sets like a drifting memory. Additionally, two neon signs project glowing messages for the broken hearted to solemnly repeat to themselves for strength.

Ultimately, Rezcoast Grizz has the ability to navigate between and release the energies of multiple genres to include R&B, Emo-Punk, Alt-Rock and Rap. His songs are multifaceted, cut like diamonds, or reflecting light on many styles. Aloneridge is a song that should not go unnoticed. #staytuned.



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