SmrtDeath releases emo anthem “Angels On My Wrist”

smrtdeath is back with “Angels On My Wrist” and shows us a different side of his creativity. When first listening to this new record, I got really strong emo vibes. We are used to hearing a more alternative hiphop sound from smrtdeath. The beat and vocals he delivers give me a $uicideboy$ feeling for sure. The song was produced by professional vibe creator Y2K, they have collabed together on songs such as, “corona lovin” and legendary record “porcelain”. smrtdeath is really showing a new side of him we don’t get to hear often. smrtdeath is a staple of emo rap culture. This song is really different from what we are used to hearing and fans are really gravitating toward this song! 

Listen to “Angels On My Wrist” Below.

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