Brandon Gomes & DREJ – Bad Boyz (ALBUM)

Like I mentioned in the last DREJ article. He was in the works on an album called Bad Boyz with Brandon Gomes , who seems to be pushing his music career in 2021. If this quarantine has taught us something, that you have all the time in the world to do what YOU want. You are locked in your house with the limitation of what you can do/where you can go. But if your goal was to build a platform, a business this is a perfect time. Over this last year, it has shown how powerful the internet can be. You can grow connections you wouldn’t be able to a decade back. Take advantage as Brandon & DREJ have over this last year, with DREJ connecting with Lyrical Lemonade and Brandon pushing his music career they are proving that fact with this album.

Releasing music since 2019, this is Brandon’s first album and having the growing artist DREJ. Fits perfectly for the blend of these melodic hip-hop beats. The mix and the flows on this 7 piece project is a big jump and an amazing kick start for 2021. Keeping a majority of these tracks around the 2-minute mark, this is an album you can have on repeat and drive around for hours. With the heavy kick’s and 808’s across the project, it is an easy album to bop your head to. Make sure to go stream this across and watch these two talented artists grow.

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