guardin – barefoot (Music Video)

With this emotional track produced by lil biscuit and guala beatsguardin brings another mind-controlled rollercoaster, as I have mentioned this in every other article I write. It’s because I truly believe that Mental Health awareness needs more attention. This song has me gaining a lot more appreciation for guardin and made me listen back through his music listening more into his lyrics. I gained a lot more respect because he puts himself out there. He wants you to feel how he is feeling, because maybe 1, 100, or 1000 people might feel exactly how he feels. He opens up with his line “back in 2017 I plotted out my death, had a noose inside my closest had a target on my chest” I couldn’t stress this enough if you think you’re alone, you’re not and you’ll find someone to help you through the dark times if it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, a new friend, or even a mentor. Just don’t give up, I can speak from experience it will all get better you just have to keep fighting.

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