After going through Nick Prosper’s releases and with his recent release UP ALL NIGHT, hearing that Nick does his live performances with a band, Nick Prosper and THE FREEFALL. This makes Nick one of the top artists on my list I would love to see live one day, he brings back the old feeling of a concert, in my opinion, you get a whole different feeling from a live performance from an singular artist then a concert from a band.

This single has had a lot of momentum going towards this, with his recent album Mr. Ugly Beautiful hitting 500k streams on Spotify alone. With a helping hand from Emily Lazar on that project, and if you haven’t heard of that name before she has also engineered for other artists such as; Coldplay, David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Killers, Wu-Tang Clan, and many more. This would be a one of the outstanding facts about Nick’s music as his mixing is crisp and ahead of a lot of people similar to his size. As he is at 135,000 on Spotify, this Indie / Rock artist twisting in the popular Hip-Hop genre. With his unique sound, he has so much potential and room to grow.

Another point I love about Nick is that he just wants to win with his friends, and with a group of people he respects, because with each project or single it’s a team effort. With this single, he had assistance in production from TNVR, Quincy Davies, and PLAYDEAD. With this being the first drop in 2021, this sets up Nick to have a successful year and keep his fans on their toes. Keeping working hard Nick, we are all excited for what is next!

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