Keshore Drops Psychadelic Visual for Sweet Coochie

Keshore – “Sweet Coochie”

Keshore has always embodied a free spirit, be yourself attitude in his music and social media presence. His recent Jack Rottier music video is a good reflection of just that, starting off with Keshore taking what seems to be a tab of acid in a car with a girl. It pulled me in quickly with very well edited transitions from scene to scene.

The song itself is very different from a lot of his other more hip hop influenced music. Reminiscent of the weekend, “Sweet Coochie” gave me a more psychadelic The Weeknd vibes. With spaced out vocals over ambient production & trippy visual effects it’s hard not to get pulled into it. This song/video was definitely worth the listen/watch. Watch “Sweet Coochie” below!

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