LocateEmilio – Pressure

Having to be one of the most slept on artists I know. With the recent climb of LocateEmilio hitting 50,000 monthly listeners after I’m So Stressed he gifts us all another hit song with Pressure. Locate has been dropping high-quality music for a couple of years now and, he deserves more of a spotlight. 2021 will be a rising year for this artist. He is currently proving with his recent singles. He is ready to take over this year and have his most successful year yet.

With his unique crisp sounding vocals carrying with bouncy 808’s he follows all of this with catchy lyrics such as “looking over my shoulder so much, my neck hurts” as Locate brings you through his headspace, but letting people know and reminding them that no matter the amount of pressure or hate you throw at this man. He’s going to use that emotion to help him grow. No matter the number of ups and downs you have in life, that is what makes you grow as a human. Especially in the music industry, you will forever have people hating on you because you’re trying to better yourself. Locate won’t let these haters get to his head. Only a month into the year Locate is proving that becoming an artist is meant for him. Nothing won’t stop him till he hits the charts.

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