Ghosty is Weathering the Storm

“Weathering the Storm” is the second project from Florida local and founder of the Løstbøyz collective, Ghosty.

“Weathering the Storm” is the second project from Florida local and founder of the Løstbøyz collective, Ghosty. This project is a huge statement for him going into the new decade, as it deconstructs his older work to create a newer sound that he’s more comfortable and proud of. This project is the outcome of that transformation in his sound cohesively.

The project is just three songs long – clocking in at an eight and a half minute runtime – but it still does an incredible job showcasing the change and progression in his sound even in its brevity. Its absence of features adds to its intimate quality as well, allowing the listener to hear his full range of sounds without interruption.

The track “Feelings” is an incredibly energetic and catchy entrance into the project. It perfectly captures the essence of emotions rushing in and out of one’s head faster than they can really show them adequately — a unique translation in full. Ghosty’s vocals about fear, regret, and feelings as a whole work in perfect correspondence with the Lxve-produced beat. The production does a wonderful job bringing out the emotion in his voice as he delivers these bars. 

“Wasted” wrestles with aspects of substance abuse to further yourself from the problems life throws in one’s face. While the beat may be deceivingly happy, its lyrics tell a completely different story. In nearly every lyrical passage, Ghosty’s feelings are translated with immensely vivid imagery.

The project wraps up with one of the heaviest and most emotional songs that Ghosty has ever made in “Someone Else.” The track features one of the boldest choices on the project, as he decided to take a step back away from rapping on to test the strength of his vocal ability, a move which paid off based on its sheer display of versatility. 

The EP as a whole is a moving project that flies by as fast as the all of the emotions are presented, and yet they are felt with as much weight as any project that trumps its length. It is through this notion that Ghosty differentiates himself from his contemporaries, and further projects like this will continue to prove this fact as his career progresses. 

Written by Nick Tahan

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