Nino Bederan – Sully My Name

If you haven’t come across this package deal of Nino Bederan, he’s another talented artist that can do it all. Self-produced, mixed, and mastered all his masterpieces. Every single you can tell he changes his sound, keeping it in the R&B scene but showing that he can hit different pockets of this genre. With Nino looking up to artists like Kendrick. You can understand this once you listen to his music as he is not all about crazy production. He focuses on the lyrics of his music as well. After having an interview with Nino you will quickly realize that he genuinely has a passion for music and does this for happiness. When he drops a song, he has put hours into it so he can spread the happiness he gets from his craft to his fan base. Sully My Name talking about how to handle people talking bad about your name, how some people will jump on the train to throw dirt on you. But when you are becoming successful they’ll be the first people messaging you saying how “proud” they are, or “I knew you could do it”. Keep pushing Nino, going to be a great year for you.

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