Fresco Trey Drop’s New Visual for “Feel Good”

Fresco Trey finally released his long awaited music video for hit single “Feel Good” on January 25th. Director JR Strickland does a phenomenal job showcasing Trey’s heartfelt but joyful lyrics while highlighting a change of sceneries throughout the video. With the LA hills and ocean in the frame, you seem to find yourself immersed in the experience. His live performance during a pool party brings a smile to your face and creates a sense of summer in the middle of the winter. This being, in literal terms a feel good song, Trey’s video is very much so similar. 
Memphis Native, Fresco Trey has recently gained traction within the industry because of his beautiful vocals and melodic stories. “Feel Good” is an example of both and with the backdrop of Los Angeles, the calming and blissful ambiance makes you fall in love with Trey instantly. We are eagerly waiting to hear what’s to come from Fresco, and we hope that he will continue to impress the world as he gains notoriety.


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