Jasiah and Nascar Aloe admitted into mental hospital after video releases of “Unintelligible”

Jasiah and Nascar Aloe are the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ of the scream rap scene. The two together are the perfect blend. Jasiah has been a household name for around a year. Nascar Aloe made a big impact with his record “Punks Only” that caught a big moment before quarantine. If you haven’t seen Nascar Aloe perform live, here is his exuberating performance to “Punks Only” in t Zone One in Brooklyn.

The start of the song reminded me of playing Super Mario Bros. when you enter Bowser’s castle. The first scenes show Jasiah and Nascar Aloe tweaking around and from the looks of it their body movement is something out of Michael Jackson’s video “Thriller”. Jasiah takes on the chorus and goes berserk, with lines like, “I won’t go for debates, I want your skin on my face”. After listening, I really wondered what it was like in the studio recording this or from the engineer’s perspective – listening to screaming and mixing ‘unintelligible’ lyrics. Jasiah delivers menacing lyrics, with lines such as, “I’m too sick, sadistic, twisted, bitch, I’m mentally itching… Break his ribs, then take a pistol through thе temple with it”. Jasiah and Nascar Aloe sound great together and this sound is growing fast!
Watch “Unintelligible” below.

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