International artist “Daniel Javan” releases “Don’t Know How To Love”

Born in Dubai, 17 year old artist “Daniel Javan” spent a lot of time in his adolescence years moving around taking in many different cultures which helped build his unique style and sound. At the same time he also had to constantly leave his newfound friends. Leading to a heavy connection with making music, it always gave him the ability to express himself and connect with others through words. Clearly talented at song writing Daniel found himself releasing music more often which takes us to the point where he currently is in his career. Having been featured in publications such as Lyrical Lemonade, and others alike he’s made his presence felt. His latest drop “Don’t Know How To Love” has demanded some major attention and brought his name into the spotlight especially around his country and surrounding ones. He decided to team up with “Naits” as a feature on this release, who’s overall style meshes very well with Daniels sound. No doubt these two created a vibe.

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