LoseMyGrip Interview

For those who aren’t familiar with you, who are you and what do you do? 

I’m an independent artist who’s been making music for nearly a decade under various pseudonyms. LoseMyGrip is something that started as a side project, but it quickly consumed me. 

Where are you from? 

I’m from New Jersey/New York. 

Have you been at all involved in your local scene? 

Not nearly as much as I probably should be. As a kid who grew up on the internet, it’s always been more accessible to me than anything local. However as LoseMyGrip has grown, my hometown has started showing me more love. 

Many artists prioritize their wardrobe and wear expensive or flashy articles of clothing. How did the dad hat and striped shirt become such a mainstay in your personal image? 

A sort of minimalist and a hand me down aesthetic tends to resonate with me since it’s true to life. I grew up in poverty and never could afford fancy clothes, my mother and I would go to churches and community centers for food and clothing. Many artists wish to appear larger than life, but NF is a good example of an artist whose image inspires me. Simple, filled with contrast. 

How long have you been seriously pursuing music? 

It’s hard to say since it’s been my passion to varying degrees my whole life, but things really clicked in my head around Late 2016 / Early 2017. 

I went through a dramatic breakup around that time and it became the subject matter for LoseMyGrip the following year. I still make music on the computer she gifted me, but it’s falling apart. 

Has it been more of a challenge being self-produced? 

Yes and no. I messed with FL Studio 8 on my dad’s computer when I was a kid. I could barely make anything usable for years. It wasn’t until 2016 or so that I started producing my own beats for songs. It makes things take a bit longer, but I feel way more connected in the process. 

Does doing your own production allow for more creative freedom and in turn a better-finished product? 

Sometimes I hear beats and wish I made them. Using my own instrumentals does allow for a more personalized touch, but I’m far from opposed to working with producers since downloading beats and recording over them in audacity is something I remember vividly. 

Your songs tend to feature a wide array of artists, what’s the process behind choosing the right artists that fit your creative vision? 

Thanks to social media I’m in touch with a lot of rising artists who do a lot of good work. If we’re friends or the music I’m making reminds me of someone I know, I tend to reach out and see if they’re up to it. Generally, I don’t put too much thought into it since it’s pretty instinctual as a process. 

Do you prefer to be a solo artist or can we expect to see some collaborations in the future? 

Fun fact, I was in a pop-punk band for two weeks and we never released anything. My social issues make being a solo artist my preferred method, but I wouldn’t count out seeing me work with others in a duo or band capacity. Nothing like that in the works now though. 

Who are some of your musical influences? 

I was raised on pop boy bands like NKOTB, *NSYNC, and BACKSTREET BOYS, but the influences for what I do are artists like NF, Russ, The Ready Set, Owl City, and Jon Bellion. 

I could go on forever, but really I sip from a big soup of musical inspiration and it’s hard for me to pinpoint. 

What were some of your main inspirations for the songs on your EP SUPERPOWERS? 

SUPERPOWERS is very much about accountability and doing your best to learn from mistakes. 

I think the message and overall feel for SUPERPOWERS really show in the final track “Careful” which was about choosing to hold myself accountable for the breakup that started LoseMyGrip in the first place. 

Do you have any plans to make music videos for any of your songs? 

I recently returned to my hometown for the purpose of filming a video for my newest track “ISOLATION” It’s not out yet since I’m still editing it, but that’s the only music video currently planned. They’re really fun to make. I hope I get to do a ton more. 

Can you touch on anything about your upcoming Isolation music video? 

I’m looking to have it out during February. Our intention is to really capture how the song feels to me, which is sort of lonely and jarring. 

Anything people should be looking forward to from you coming soon? 

Outside of the ISOLATION music video, I’d say look forward to more music since I’m working on a metric ton at the moment. I’m hoping to collaborate with artists like Nicholas Hunt and Ghosty sometime soon, they’re great. 

Are shows something fans can look forward to in 2020? 

I’ve been talking to people about getting shows set up, but if that can happen in 2020 isn’t something I can definitely say at the moment. I’ve never played a show, but I’m looking to learn the process and then perform alongside some other artists in the scene someday. 

Any closing thoughts?

You’re the CEO and janitor of your brain. You make the decisions and you clean the messes. None of it is going to be easy, Hang in there. 

Written by Nick Tahan

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