Ajhani Azure – Complicated

Ajhani Azure, a name you will be hearing for his unique sound coming from Brampton, Ontario. As this generation of artists making music in their bedroom, this is another self-produced, independent artist making a whole new vibe in his music with his first single Alone to his most recent Complicated. A lot has been happening for this artist, as all he has been doing is rising in 2021. Having many conversations with this artist. He proves that nothing will get in the way of this man and his goal. With ups and downs, he is an excellent example of never give up. He tells a lot through his music. I can not wait for him to have the audience he deserves, so he can help people through his music. He is someone a lot of people are going to idolize while growing up. Recently, being mentioned in the Toronto Star paper and plenty of articles recently covering Ajhani. The craziest fact about this artist I came across / know personally is that not only does he have a talented voice, he also taught himself guitar in a year. If you have watched him on his Instagram lives, he shreds it like B.B King. With the recent growth of Tik Tok, this artist is just that one single away from really exploding. Stay tuned for Ajhani in 2021, the sky is the limit for you.

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