OnlyBino drops a new single “Danny Phantom”

OnlyBino” a rising artist coming out of South Florida brings the heat on his newest single “Danny Phantom”. This being a SoundCloud exclusive we believe this to be a hype track for something bigger coming. Nonetheless though this track alone is a certified banger, out the gate we can notice Bino’s delivery, fast and deliberate. He has no brakes nor intents to let you keep up with him on this one. Pair that with great production from “Jackpot” this release is the epitome of why Bino has gained a lot of attention from more than just our platform. His style is comparable to that of other popular artists to pop off in this new internet era, although very unique in his own regard. Highly admired in his circle for his evident talent. He definitely has his own sound, with vocals that rip through his verses and create a well laid out track in total. We doubt this will be the last time we hear about Bino.

OnlyBino – Danny Phantom

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