Sadexotic – Right

Sadexotic (Alex Williams) the 22 year old Northern California bred artist, brings a breath of fresh air with his latest single “Right”.

After holding off on releasing for a few months to focus on his mental wellbeing and hone in on his craft, he is finally dropping new music again. Struggling with anxiety is something that he has been dealing with for a long time, as do many of us. Although he gained hundreds of thousands of streams, thousands of followers and headlined a few 100+ people shows within his first couple months of releasing music, the expectations he put on himself to do better with each song became a little overbearing.

But, despite leaving his tight knit group of supporters waiting for new music, those few months of absence that he spent developing his skills and getting some headspace have clearly proven to be the “right” move. Pun intended.

Listening back to the songs that we made last year versus this song, and the handful of other unreleased songs, I can say with 100% confidence that sadexotic is going to have a breakthrough year musically.

But, that’s just my opinion, which might be a little biased considering I helped produce this song lol. I think it might be best if you listen to the song and decide for yourself if it’s what I’m making it out to be 😉

Stream & download:

You can follow sadexotic on instagram, twitter & tik tok @sadexotic

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