Album Review: KEY! And Tony Seltzer Get Together To Release New Album “The Alpha Jerk”

KEY! and Tony Seltzer get together and release a new blockbuster project at the top of the year.

Top: KEY! (@fatmankey) / Bottom: Tony Seltzer (@tony_seltzer)

Since releasing his debut album “Mothers Are the Blame” in 2012 as a part of the group Two-9 (created by himself, Curtis Williams, and Reese LaFlare in 2009), to being featured alongside Father and iLoveMakonnen on the viral hit “Look At Wrist” in 2014, KEY! aka FatManKey! has been one of the most spectacular artists to come out of the breeding grounds of Atlanta in the past decade. A true veteran in the game, KEY!‘s journey is one that has inspired a whole generation of hip-hop acts across the nation. He uses his weird perspectives, mixed with clever wordplay, and an endless amount of pop culture references in order articulate real emotions that listeners everywhere can relate to.

To kick off the new year, KEY! partnered up with Brooklyn-bred producer Tony Seltzer to deliver the groundbreaking project The Alpha Jerk. This is the second time he’s chosen to work solely with one other musician on a full length album. The last in 2018 on the 777 LP, which was entirely produced by Kenny Beats. At the time of it’s release, 777 was referred to by many as KEY!’s most polished body of music-to-date. The 7-song compilation perfectly encapsulated each part of KEY! as an artist and at his most mature state of mind. If that can be said about his last album, then The Alpha Jerk is 777 on performance enhancers. Dare I say, 777-squared. As an artist, KEY! has always been one to bring individually, authenticity, and growth to the table with each release over time. It’s like he keeps getting better at being himself, which is a quality I admire in the artists I choose to listen to. The ability to display their personal growth and/or changes in life on record without losing the qualities that made their core fans fall in love early on. KEY!‘s authentic sound is also a perfect example of the fluidity of rap music. Over Tony Seltzer‘s gleaming production, KEY! provides the listener with bluntly introspective bars and melodies, filled with lines to make the listener smile, laugh, and raise their eyebrows.

KEY! went solo on all but four songs. Track number six, “No Sirski” features an additional verse by another big figure from Atlanta, Lil Yachty. Producer/Rapper Sonny Digital can be heard spitting a fire verse on track number nine titled “Fashion Week”. On track thirteen, named “Heart”, KEY! reached out to a star up-and-coming recording artist from Portsmouth, Virginia named 448Rasta (aka YXNG 380) who made an unforgettable appearance. The final feature on The Alpha Jerk comes from Quadie Diesel on the third to last song, “Ima Star”.

TL: Lil Yachty (@lilyachty) / TR: Sonny Digital (@sonnydigital)
BL: 448Rasta (@448rasta) / BR: Quadie Diesel (@quadiediesel)

A day before the album’s release, the music video for “My Puppy” premiered on KEY!‘s Youtube Channel. This past week, the video for “Send It” premiered during the virtual showing of YAMS DAY 2021 by AWGE.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10, The Alpha Jerk is a lucky 13 with more than enough replay value and digestible content.

KEY! & Tony Seltzer – The Alpha Jerk (2021)

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