Machine Gun Kelly – Downfalls High (Short Film)

So much to say about Machine Gun Kelly. Well, I will get this out of the way. Personally, the past projects MGK released, I was never a fan. This new project changed my opinion entirely on September 25th if, you didn’t know already, he dropped his project Tickets To My Downfall. Opening up the pop-punk scene and changing his style in music entirely. Removing himself out of the rap scene, as many people may have dissed him or put him down. With features of Trippie Redd, Blackbear, Hasley, and iann dior. This album shut all those haters up. As I was never a fan of MGK he still had a sound to create an audience that loves him and the music he makes, which everyone should respect.

With the well-produced album alongside Travis Barker, he recently dropped an incredible short film with a helping hand from Mod Sun. As they play the album from start to beginning, they tag along with the story of a high school student played by Chase Hudson(lilhuddy). Which you could make the comparison of MGK throughout this film. A student who has a horrible time at school, from being pinpointed by bullies, his friend dropping out, him being an “outsider” compared to your average high school jock shown through the film. He finds a girl just like your classic love story, going how every dream should. They came to a turning point. When Sydney Sweeney eventually gets pregnant. As they are fighting, she still has not told him about the pregnancy. Taking another downhill spiral when she passes away after a car crash. He goes onto record with his buddy. Which they then perform their song and having it blow up overnight. This short film is ended, with a gruesome scene of Chase cutting his ear off in front of his graduation.

As the album is already an up and down ride in terms of emotion, the short film does not depreciate it. Cutting back and forth between the short film and MGK performing. This film is more eye-catching than some advertisement about a new Netflix Original. After watching this many times, gaining a tremendous amount of respect for MGK. I cannot wait to see what is next for him.

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