nothing,nowhere. – fake friend (Music Video)

Another amazing video directed by Mason Mercer, nothing.nowhere brings a lot with his new song fake friend dropping back in December. He brings a powerful message with the recently dropped music video about how much social media can affect someone and their health. Yes, social media has had a lot of advantages especially to help grow artists and businesses. A lot of people for example, social media was just another platform to get bullied or taunted on. nothing.nowhere does a great example of showing the power in this video/song.

As it starts with the family eating at the dinner table, everything is just perfect. The son steps off to his room and starts to scroll through his phone. It goes through a cycle of the son, mother, and father to look at the phone and see the rapid and uncontrollable scrolling of social media. To have them all fall to the ground and eventually the son throwing away the pain out the window. Showing phones and the internet can be great, but it has its consequence and simply can take over someone’s life.

With this song bringing back the 2000’s pop-punk vibe, this is a song you will see in a lot of playlists along with a must watch video.

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