XANAKIN SKYWOK releases off the walls video to “Giggity”

XANAKIN SKYWOK has been making real moves in the underground and has started to break – gaining millions of streams on his recent hit “Macho”. The song has been doing numbers on TikTok with influencers like James Charles, Bryce Hall, and Tony Lopez. XANAKIN is leading a sound that is breaking into the mainstream. XANAKIN is dominating the sub genre he’s in.

XANAKIN delivers hard vocals and the beat on “Giggity” really fits the vibe. He has built a super cult-like fan base and loyal following. This song is super great to get hype to or workout to. When you are listening you feel coerced to bop your head and go crazy. XANAKIN has no filter, he really doesn’t hold anything back. With lyrics like, “Sam with the motherfuckin’ blow and Hennessey… Mix a lil’ bit of crack and ketamineC-C-Call that shit my grandma’s recipe”. The video starts with an animated version of XANAKIN, in what it appears to be a torture room – he’s tied up in a chair in what it appears to be an internet horror “red room”. The video is nuts, XANAKIN has some firepower and his friends are all going insane with him. I can’t describe in words what this video is like, you really just have to view it yourself.  

“Giggity” is on track to be XANAKIN’S next hit song. He has been popping up in all of my feeds, definitely one to watch. 

Watch “Giggity” below.

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