ericdoa is back with “2008”

ericdoa is an artist that has been on everyone’s radar in the underground. He is apart of the new sound making waves, hyperpop. This sound and sub genre has been growing faster than honeysuckle in Ohio. Like it or not, ericdoa is having a moment and there is a generation of kids apart of it. Eric’s beat selection and his electronic sounding voice make him appeal to his audience. 

“2008” is the opener off Eric’s album “COA” released early in November. When I first listened to this song back then, I knew we would be expecting a video. The video was shot by Arizona based creative team Overcast. There is no doubt Overcast isn’t tapped into the hyperpop scene with shooting videos from artists like Glaive and brakence. There are some crazy scenes of Eric in a farmers market enjoying himself while wearing bunny ears. Eric is contemplating texting a girl back throughout the video and finally makes his move on her. The video has a lot of nostalgic references and there is a lot of culture the listener is able to relate to. One thing that really sticks out in Overcast videos is their scene structure and the way they design each of their sets. This song would fit so well inside of an arcade room filled with pink and blue lights. ericdoa is on the rise and “2008” is a smash hit song!

Watch “2008” below. 

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