GENTRAMMEL – Out Of My Mind (Music Video)

            GENTRAMMEL’s song, Out of my Mind, being released seven months ago. Before, sadly he had to take it off platforms. He still had it up on Promoting Sounds as it is now reaching 1 million views and now releasing on all platforms. He has now dropped a well-matched emotional video directed by Misfits Monarchs on the Promoting Sounds channel. With every article I write, I like to make a connection with the artist. Whether that be hearing about the journey they have had or what they may be currently going through. As I was having a conversation with the artist, I gained more respect for GENTRAMMEL outside of his music as he says, “at the end of the day, we are just human.” nice and simple. It does not matter how big or small you are as an Artist. At the end of the day. You are just like the others. The only difference is the journey you have had to take to get where you are or want to be.

             Most people can relate to what GENTRAMMEL has been through listening to his lyrics, As many may be racing through thoughts as he expresses. This video is also a reminder, as I mentioned in a lot of my articles. You are not alone, and this is another talented artist showing you through these clean transitions of the music video and emotional lyrics he puts out there, every day is a new day. We had a good talk before this article you are currently reading. I got a good idea of where he came from and what he has been through, not giving up. Whether it was hoping through his buddy’s couches or working countless hours in different environments, he never gave up on chasing his dream of becoming financially free through his music. He is now on the right path. 2021 is only going to go up from here. Keep pushing GENTRAMMEL a lot in store for you this year.

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