Champ T & Beku San – Law of Attraction

2021 is off to a STRONG start. If you have not heard any new music in these last few days, make sure to check out this Beku San and Champ T collaboration. Beku San after, a year break dropping seven singles to grow traction on Soundcloud now, he has a new song with Champ T. If you have not been watching Champ T’s steady climb. You’ll be shocked to find out about how the Tulsa, Oklahoma artist records in his car while holding his microphone in hand. You would NEVER have been able to guess if you listen to his music. When Champ T told me this, I was quite shocked myself. He earned so much more of my respect and, I’m sure of others after reading this article for the hustle this man puts into his art. Beku San after, staying silent and keeping a very mysterious personality he gets another placement and Champ T’s first placement on Promoting Sounds. Beku San keeping an aggressive flow which makes everyone I have showed him to put him on repeat for days. If you have been following these two. You wouldn’t be surprised and to expect them to be on other pages like Bangers Only and Promoting Sounds again. Beku San leveling up his sound since his year break. Champ T working with some amazing artists including, EGOVERT, JAYJ, July, and Emma G. The sky is the limit for these two this year.

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