BK Rockstar releases video to “Talk My Shit”

Bk Rockstar is back with another hit, after his last release “Rockstars Only” Bk was due for another banger. One thing that really stands out with Bk Rockstar is his ability to mix hiphop with an electronic twist. Bk Rockstar is from Brooklyn and is certainly a part of a new sound taking over. With Bk Rockstar being 17, he’s still a kid having fun – he has such high energy and emotion in his music videos. When asked in an interview where his sound comes from he says, “Honestly, I would say it comes from me listening to a lot of rock music and Rihanna. Yes, I said Rihanna; she’s a GOAT.” This explains how he is able to be so diverse in a city that is saturated. 

When I first saw the “Talk My Shit” video – the masks blew me away. The video and editing style was something out of a purge movie. Bk Rockstar takes over the city with his hard hitting vocals and his ability to flow and perform like a rockstar. The video shot by Hollywood Ju and Payro on the production, compliment Bk’s performance. Bk Rockstar is someone to keep watching this coming year. 

Watch “BK Rockstar – Talk My Shit” Below.

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