After DED STARK dropped his album STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE, I dove in deeper into who is DED STARK. I quickly come to the realization that he puts his heart and soul into music ever since he was young. He shows his pain and struggle of his life by putting them into his music lyrically. Which gives the opportunity for people going through similar struggles around the world for them to be able to relate to similar feelings they may not be able to express themselves. He puts himself out there for them to reflect and realize they are not alone. With every release he shows off his self producing skills, as you see the growth in every drop. Since his two songs DED END and DED gained large amount of traction in the Hip/Hip scene and now his recent album is gaining a large amount of traction on Soundcloud.

DED STARK did a interview and he said “I don’t know any other life or dream. I decided to make an effort to contribute to the music world on a large scale. No more time to be timid and let life slip by while other people are pursuing the dreams I could be” and he did just that, he didn’t stop fighting through the roller coaster as life may be. Neither should anyone reading this right now. If you have a passion. Chase it. As DED STARK pursues his dream make sure to continue the journey with him by keeping up with his latest drops on Apple music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Make sure you don’t miss out on Grooverelly’s back to back videos for DED STARK on their Youtube.

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