Hojean releases soothing song “weekends”

Hojean is an artist that makes you feel completely tranquil. For those of you that haven’t heard of Hojean before, put yourself in your most peaceful place… maybe it’s on a beach or sitting next to a stream. Hojean’s vocals will consume you and fill you with that feeling when you are in your happy place. His charisma and Instagram aesthetic sell’s his authenticity – his music on top of that makes Hojean a superstar. He has built up a cult fan base with listeners jumping at the chance to talk to him. Hojean’s fans love him and he loves them the same. In an interview Hojean is asked about his fans and says, “I genuinely love them so much. Sometimes, I’ll get on the verge of tears just thinking about it. Because like no one supported me like that ever,” he says fondly. “I’d say that my fans are really like family to me.” You can see just how genuine of an artist he is. I was amazed when I heard his music is all produced in house by Hojean himself. Now that you have some background on Hojean. Let’s dive into his latest work of art, “weekends”. 

When I first heard the soft guitar play on “weekends” I knew this would be a hit. Man, I got the chills as soon as the song started to play. A euphoric feeling overwhelmed me and I could feel my heart taking in each word as he sang. This song is perfect for waking up on a Sunday and pressing snooze. Hojean talks about waking up with his girl and laying around with her all day. Hojean has a certain creative ability to mix R&B and indie pop together that a lot of artists can’t obtain. Hojean is an artist on the rise with nothing stopping him. 

Stream “weekends” below.

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