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guardin releases breathtaking album titled “so that’s it, huh?”

guardin releases a gem of an album titled “so that’s it, huh?”. With artists sewerperson and Lil Narnia joining him to create this masterpiece.

guardin is an artist that has a special place in my heart. He’s an artist with nothing stopping him, an open road of future accomplishments. The first song I heard from Nick (guardin) was “i think you’re really cool”, that song is simply beautiful. He is able to make a hit song with him just playing the ukulele and singing so ever softly. I can remember so many times with my friends singing this song, we were all happy. guardin has impacted so many youths to start making music and to use their creative skills to express themselves. guardin is truly leaving a legacy in music.

Now let us jump into song one from “so that’s it, huh?” His first song “kinda sorta” was released four months ago and has been brought to us again. The flute playing in the instrumental and then looped throughout the whole song made it really easy to bop your head around to. guardin sings, “open photoshop i’m color correcting my aura”. This line describes guardin trying to change the energies he puts out into the world. This is the perfect song to get the listener hooked to hear more.

Let’s leap on over to song four, “willow ave (feat. Sewerperson & Lil Narnia)”. It was so refreshing to hear a guitar when the song started and when the drums came in I knew it was a guardin song. Following sewerperson, Lil Narnia comes in blessing us with raw emo vocals. Lil Narnia exclaims, “Why can’t I just give you up?…Keeps giving with my damn”. I feel as if Narnia is in his own head with a girl stuck in his thoughts. One thing that I really liked about this track is that Nick has sewperson jump on the second chorus and on the outro Nick and Lil Narnia take it on together. They all compliment each other’s vocals when sang together.

This next song “hope again” is one of my favorites. guardin talks about his love and a girl that makes him feel like home. He tells of an experience of running out of gas and a girl helping him, the two spent the night together. He wakes up and finds himself in despair. guardin talks about finding hope again. He sings, “she makes home feel like a home in my head… and when i’m with her i feel hope again”. guardin’s devoted fanbase is made up of kids of all ages/backgrounds looking to find hope; I feel like this is the reason people are so drawn to guardin, they are all connected in a community of people that are feeling the same way. 

This whole album is full of gems. You can tell how much hard work and effort was put into each song. I was able to catch some YouTube live album release party. He was talking about how he looks at everything around him with great detail and how one little bad comment can mess up a day. guardin got very emotional during the live and he was so thankful for all the support he has received this year. To be in front of 1000’s of live viewers and be that vulnerable takes a lot of guts. guardin will be an artist that keeps growing and once corona has run its course, he will be selling out shows! 

Stream “so that’s it, huh?” below. 

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