JayJ has been releasing weekly drops for three weeks now!

As 2020 is coming to close “JayJ” has been doing what could be called an installment of weekly drops. This consistent release schedule has brought a lot of attention his way. He started back early in December with his first one “When It’s Over” which was paired with a crispy visualizer shortly after its release. Second was his team up with close friend “July” titled “Quarter Life Crisis”. Both artists vocals mix very well to hit the style and lane their respective fans love to hear. And most recently he dropped “Checked Out” featuring “Crick”.

Each drop is unique in its full make up but embodies everything that we’ve come to love hearing from JayJ. At the rate he has been one of the most consistent artists heading into 2021. His future looks bright and evidently on track to become something bigger entering the new year. As a music lover this is something you love to see, an artist ending the year just giving his fans what they want. And that is more music. JayJ is no doubt on his way to stardom and with his continued success with these releases it may come sooner than later.

When It’s Over (Official Visualizer)

Weekly Drop #1 JAYJ – When It’s Over

Weekly Drop #2 JAYJ – Quarter Life Crisis

Weekly Drop #3 JAYJ – Checked Out

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