poptropicaslutz! – Hollywood High 16

The eighteen- and nineteen-year-old duo poptropicaslutz! are bringing back the Pop-punk sound with and letting their music speak for them. Coming from Long Island New York, the teenage duo set huge goals for themselves, pushing themselves to prove to the skeptics that they are fully capable of doing anything they put their mind to. The dynamic duo aims high, with their sights set on proving that they can walk alongside the biggest artists and influences of the current generation. With their newest single Hollywood High 16, they revive Pop Punk and remind listeners far and wide just how powerful and uplifting this genre can be. Poptropicaslutz!’s fusion of punk and hip hop is only the beginning of what they’ve got in their repertoire, with their new music truly shining a light on their limitless potential. Their new music will leave you wanting more, and acts as a small glimpse into their ever-growing versatility. They dance from genre to genre, spanning from Rock, hip-hop, & even Hyperpop. Rest assured that this Long Island Duo will be showing the world that they can do it all. It won’t be long now before Poptropicaslutz! Lives at the top of your playlists on Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Their mindset and drive is truly inspiring, and acts as a reminder to realize that this reality is truly yours to bend create, and make your own.

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