Tomeko Cash releases Daimonic Passion to close out 2020

DMV-based rapper Tomeko Cash released his Daimonic Passion album in early December and it is full of different sounds from slow, more melodic flows to high-energy instrumentals. When I listen to this album I hear an artist that puts a great deal of passion and emotion into each song. While his voice may not be the best in the world, there is more than enough energy in each song that make up for what he lacks vocally. His charisma and energy are what makes this project unique and worth listening to. I am very excited to see where he goes in the future as he further develops his voice and vocal ability.

This project from Tomeko Cash is a rather lengthy 49-minute project that puts out 18 different songs. I feel that a lot of these songs are very similar in style and could have not been included in the album. With that being said, this project is full of potential from a young artist that may have yet to truly find his voice and presence in music. I look forward to hearing more from Tomeko in the future and hope that he can further consolidate his thoughts and music on a project. I believe that a shorter album would have been easier to listen to in its entirety.

Stand out tracks are the ones like Slayway and No More, take a listen to Daimonic Passion, out now available everywhere.

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